ENTEE DESIGNS is a high street and evening wear clothing label for men and women with strong influences of African textiles. We use minimal waste practices and employ female seamstresses in Ghana, West Africa.


"Sophisticated Sexy", we celebrate all body types and tell the story that Africa is a country with amazing people and resources just waiting to share with the world, one stylish outfit at a time. ENTEE is the pronunciation of the designer's last name, Nti. She chose this as a tribute to her father, Jeremiah Nti. With three girls, this is a way to keep his last name living on.


Change the lives of youth in a country that has given me so much creative depth and cultural awareness. Onyame Ba (God’s Children) is a scholarship fund for orphans who want to pursue higher education we hope to begin by January 2020.

 Build a sewing studio in Ghana, West Africa that employs female seamstresses while paying them a fair wage

10% of all proceeds go towards youth orphanages in Ghana, West Africa to help with food, clothing, and school supplies.

If you know of an orphanage in Ghana that needs assistance please go to our “contact”  page and message us. We would love to help!